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Belimo Product Safety Warnings

Subject: Product safety warnings for PR, PK and PM actuators used in outdoor and wet indoor applications

Dear Valued Customer,

Please be advised that butterfly valve actuators from the series PR..., PK..., and the actuators from the series PM..., have been found to experience water infiltration in certain outdoor and wet indoor applications. This presents a risk of an electrical hazard which will necessitate a product replacement of all of these actuators which are mounted in outdoor and wet indoor locations as described further below.

We have become aware that, in certain cases, a risk of electric shock exists when touching affected actuators. Do not touch actuators which failed. Please note that the danger posed by contact applies also, for example, to the cables leading away from an affected actuator into a control cabinet.

Which actuators are affected?

When the actuator is installed in certain mounting positions in outdoor or indoor applications with humid or wet climates (often designated as IP66/67 or NEMA4(x) ambient conditions), water may penetrate the product. This can impair the safety or other functions of the products and may lead to the above-mentioned risk.

Actuators which are used in dry indoor applications (IP54 / NEMA2 or ambient conditions rated lower) are not affected and can continue to be used without risk and without restricting the service life of the product.

Affected products consist of the following:













What you should do?


For actuators that have already been sold and installed in outdoor or wet indoor locations, Belimo will provide a redesigned replacement at no charge. The redesigned actuator can be recognized by its date on the product label which will show 2018-05-30 (YYYY-MM-DD) or later.

Belimo will also reimburse you for all shipping costs associated with these replacements. This also applies to actuators which have not yet been installed. All affected actuators MUST be returned to Belimo in order to be eligible for Labor reimbursement below. A pre-paid UPS call tag will be included in the replacement shipment. FIELD SCRAP IS NOT AUTHORIZED. No exceptions. If you choose not to return the original actuators, you will be billed for the replacements. 

Labor Reimbursment:

While the above steps satisfy our obligation per Terms and Conditions of our published warranty policy, we do regret that this has occurred and value your relationship with us and with your customer. As such, Belimo will provide $200 USD per previously installed actuator as a contribution to replacement labor costs upon our receipt of the removed actuators. This will be provided as an account credit to you, the buying customer.

Please contact or call 210-702-2024 if you have questions or concerns regarding implementation of this recall. 

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