Control Panel Fabrication

Amcon Controls assembles control panels to fit any application. We can provide everything from complete wiring and testing of simple relay logic control panels to sophisticated Direct Digital Control (DDC) panels. We are an authorized Hoffman enclosure dealer, and we stock panels with perforated back plates for temperature controls.

AutoCad Design Drawings

We provide AutoCAD Drawings for our HVAC control design projects and will also tailor drawings for your custom design. We offer point-to-point wiring schematics and furnish detailed datasheets for HVAC Control Systems.

Onsite Job Estimates

From Pneumatic Controls to State of the Art Electronic Systems, Amcon Controls works with engineers and contractors to provide complete solutions for any HVAC project. We can visit your facility or review your blueprints to determine the right solution for you. Our sales associates can provide budget costs and scalable pricing options.

System Start-Up & Commissioning

Amcon Controls offers technical services for our HVAC control systems. Electronic and Digital Control Systems require onsite job startup and checkout to assure that the controlled devices (inputs & outputs) are responding and performing properly. We can provide these services and work with your control technicians or installers.

Amcon offers in-house and factory training on HVAC control products and HVAC control systems we support. Whether pneumatic, electric or Direct Digital Control (DDC), we can develop a training class to suit your needs. Our vendor representatives offer manufacturer training and certification classes that can be paid for with co-sponsored funding. Click here to see our current training schedule.

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